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    Mesh Belt Chemical Sludge Drying Project In Shanghai

This system is applied in sludge drying project in Shanghai Fengxian District. Sludge moisture is 85% after dewatering. After drying, final moisture is 40%. Designed daily capacity is 50t/day (average moisture is 85%). Whole system is featured in large capacity and good drying effect. We can also customize according to customer's demands.

【Raw material】:chemical sludge
【Input capacity】:50t/day
【Equipment configuration】:conveying system, wet sludge silo, screw pump, drying system and PLC control.
Raw material:chemical sludge
Initial moisture:about 85%

Input capacity:50t/day
Final moisture:40%

Work process of whole sludge drying project:
1. wet sludge conveying system: wet sludge silo, wet sludge screw pump, sludge weighing device, send wet sludge to material distribution device;
2 Extruding and drying system: sludge dryer adopts stainless steel texture, with automatic control, frequency conversion material distributing and air volume adjustment. Can dry semi-solid materials to dry material without stickness, low temperature drying process can well keep volatile matters and avoid flying dust. Contains extruder, distributor and belt dryer.
3 Dry material conveying system: can automatically convey dry sludge to hopper.
4 Electrical control part: from feeding, discharging and conveying, whole system can be finished by remote control . Large power motor adopts intelligent frequency conversion control so that to reduce energy consumption. This part consists of automatic control cabinet, software package, PLC control, cable and frequency convertors.
mesh belt sludge dryer

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