After almost 30 years's hardwork, Taida(Taeda) has built a brand with credit, quality, service and honor. Taida has also establishes a special development road which pays attention to new products, economic benefits and environmental protection. We believe your joining will bring Taida more vigour!

              HIRE PROCESS



              You can send resume through following two methods:

              1、Send your resume on Taida recruitment websits;

              2、Submit online. know position information through website and submit online. or you can also send you resume to vip@tdaxy.com.

              RESUME SCREEN


              After receiving your resume, professional workers will select carefully. If you pass the selection, we will inform you of interview. Please make sure information you leave on your resume are effective and keep your phone contactable.



              Aiming at different positions, we will interview you. according to demand of some positions, you may take written examination.

              SECOND INTERVIEW


              After passing initial interview, you will receive invitation of second interview. Please prepare yourself in advance. 

              FINAL INTERVIEW


              After passing second interview, we will inform you of final interview in time. Please be on time.

              SALARY AND SIGN


              After passing final interview, you may recieve invitation via email or phone for salay discussion and signing.

              After all processes mentioned above, you will become a new member of TAIDA.
              Contact us

                    Contact:  MR. Zhang
                    Email:  service@tdaxy.com
                    Address:  High-tech zone, zhengzhou city, China 

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