Enterprise culture is original power of development. Talent, technology and management decide all. After foundation, taida have attached much importance to enpterprise culture establishment. At present, we have formed special enterprise culture, which greatly drives the rapid development of our company.
                        Taida Tenent

                        Honesty first, quality foremost

                        Taida Spirit

                        Honest, delicate, efficient and concrete

                        Business Principle

                        The development way depends on the concept and the wealth comes out of good faith

                        Businiess Creed
                        Establish Taida brand for satisfaction of users
                        Taida Value

                        Mutural benefits

                        Talent View


                        Respect person with ability and appoint people by abilities

                        Service Concept

                        Make specialty classic

                        Service Spirit

                        Enthusiasm,servant and faithulness

                        Taida Aim

                        Establish first level brand of china large machinery

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