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V-type Mixer

Total production amount: 0.3 to 2t/h
Applications: it can be applied to metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, battery materials, rare earth and other powder.
Materials: non adhesive and weakly bonded materials;
Product introduction: zhengzhou taida is a professional and comprehensive factory which is specilized in research&development, design, manufacture, marketing and service of mixing and agitating equipment.  

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Technical introduction

V-type mixer
Brief introduction of V-type mixer
This machine is suitable for medicine making, chemistry, mixture of powder and graular food.
This machine holds special drum structure, uniformly mixing, high efficiency and no material buildup. This whole equipment holds advantages of simple structure and easy operation. The contact part between outer surface and materials adopts stainless steel with beautiful appearance, simple maintenance and clean.


Use and maintenance of V-type mixer
1. Installation: put the machine stably; finish installing the undercarriage and level up for the normally running of machine;
2. Before using, operator should add oil to the position which need oil. Then start idling running; check if the fasteners are loose or not; check if the electrical part is normal or not; if there are abnormal situations, start reparing and debugging.
3. Turn the feeding port to the top; open the feed cover and feed; the materials amount fed can not be over the regulated volume; then, close the feed cover. Start up the machine and start running; if there is any unusual situation in the process of running, operator must stop the machien and check the malfunction;
4. Before off duty or changing the varieties of materials, clean up the inner and outer part of bunker;
5. Operator stand in front of drum and turns shaft clockwisely; operator must pay much attention to running direction.
6. After finishing mixing, press the stop button. Then the three dimensional mixer will stop running; if the discharge port is not at the lower part, use electrical eletric button to make the discharge port stop at the right place. Open the cover and start discharging.
V-type mixer

Working principle

Working principle and requests
One hand of this machine is installed with motor and reducer. The power of motor is conveyed to reducer. Then through combination device, power of motor will be sent to V-shape drum by reducer, which will drive the v-shape drum run and make materials mix in four directions; V-shape mixer is a kind of v-shape efficient and asymmetrical mixer. It is suitable for diposing the mixture of granular and powder materials in chemistry, food, medicine, forage, ceramics, metallurgy and other indutries. This machine holds advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation, closed operating environment and convenient discharging and feeding. (manually feeding or vacumm feeding) the drum body is made of stainless steel, which is convenient to clean. It is used as a basic kind of equipment in enterprises.
Appearance chart of V-shape mixer 
V-type mixer

Technical parameters

V-type mixer

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