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    Successful Installation of Municipal Sludge in Egypt

Egypt sludge disposal project: every year, there are a great amount of sludge produced in Egypt. Therefore, local government looks for reliable manufacturer to help them to dispose sludge. There are about 500-ton sludge produced every month.
Processed materials: municipal sludge
Equipment configuration: screw feeder, bunker, sludge mixer and sludge rotary dryer.
 Zhengzhou Taida Group, famous and professional sludge dryer manufacturer in china, provides a unique municipal sludge dryer for Egypt customer. With the patient guidance of Taida technician, the customer has started normal operation. 
Zhengzhou Taida is a famous and professional sludge disposal manufacturer in china. With more than 50 years’ history, Zhengzhou Taida has provided various types of sludge dryers for customers from all over the world.
  In daily life, more and more countries tend to figure out methods to treat municipal sludge properly. Municipal sludge contains much complex ingredients, such as food wastes, sewage and other domestic wastes. With more and more municipal sludge produced, it becomes an urgent task to deal with municipal sludge.
  China has gained mature technology on disposal methods of various sludge. The customer from Egypt comes to china to look for reliable manufacturers to treat their large amount of sludge.
municipal sludge dryer
  After times’ communication, they are more and more interested in Taida’s disposal methods over municipal sludge. taida professional team offer reasonable and reliable design mode and structure according to this customer’s real situation. But, seeing is believing. Taida group holds an efficient pilot center which makes the customer convinced with superior drying effect of Taida sludge dryer.
  Within one week, this customer decides to sign cooperation contract with us. Under customer’s demand, we are asked to finish the production of sludge drying production line within 20 working days. Because of hard work of Taida staff and strict requirements for our equipment, all the equipment are delivered to customer’s site within 45 days.
  With the installation guidance of Taida technician, the sludge dryer is working stably. The customer is really touched by good drying effect of Taida dryer and professional spirits of Taida staff.
   If you want to know information about sludge disposal, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to Zhengzhou taida group, china famous sludge dryer manufacturer is willing to provide reasonable solution for you. 

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