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Sludge+Cement Solidificiation System

Materials: sludge containing heavy metals
Production capacity: 1 to 7.5 t/h
Applications: it is an effective way to adopt cement solidification to dispose various sludge containing heavy metals. This method can be applied to small-medium sized sewage plants whose final aims are landfill and building materials utilization. It can be especially applied to sewage plants and industrial parks for disposing sludge containing toxic and harmful matters.

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Introduction of sludge cement solidification:
Sludge solidification stabilization technology aims at disposing sludge whose moisture content is 75% to 85%. The quality of sludge gets changed by adding special solidification and stabilization materials. The physics and chemical quality tends to stabilization. Solidification refers to the process where the physics quality gets changed by improving sludge intensity and reducing water permeability. Stabilization refers to transferring the shape of heavy metals contained in sludge and establishing internal closed system in order to change the chemical quality of sludge. 
Harm of sludge in sewage plants
All inner sludge of sewage plants are from the process of sludge disposal and collection. The sludge output is very high in this process. In china, about 50 million ton sludge whose moisture is about 75% is produced every year. The annual increase speed is 10%. The moisture content of sludge from sewage plants in cities is higher. There are many organic matters difficult to degrade, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, heavy metals and pathogenic microorganism. Secondary pollution will be caused if the sludge hasn’t been disposed properly. Till now, there are some methods to dispose sludge such as building material utilization, incineration, land utilization and landfill. Compared with other methods, landfill holds advantages of less cost and easy operation, it is widely used. However, there are many problems created in the process of landfill. For example, the real physical behavior of dehydrated sludge may not meet the soil mechanics requirements. After being washed and immersed by rain, sludge in landfill sites will become slurry. When it is raining, sludge may flow out with percolate in landfill site. Great pollution may be caused to landfill environment in the process of landfill. As a result, a great amount of soil and sand needs to be added in the process of landfill. But landfill volume will be reduced by about 50%.

Techncial Advantage

Zhengzhou Taida sludge cements solidification disposal method: mix and stir sludge and solidification materials uniformly according to a certain proportion. Then start solidification and stabilization disposal.
This method holds advantages: sludge can be reused; inorganic mineral matters can be increased; the solidification materials consumption can be reduced; less disposal cost can be achieved; relevant processes are easy to operate; it is an effective sludge disposal technology. 

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When solidify the harmful sludge, there will be chemical reaction between water in cement and sludge. Gel will be produced in the chemical reaction. Harmful sludge granularity will be contained in the gel and be hardened to cement solidified body which is mainly composed of hydration reaction products of cement, 3CaO·SiO3 packed in sludge granularity. Harmful matters of sludge will be enclosed in solidification system. Then, solidification and stabilization will be achieved.
  It is proved by practices that cement solidification is an effective way to dispose heavy metals. In the process of solidification, cement holds a higher PH value. In alkaline conditions, heavy metal ion in sludge produces hydroxide and carbonate which is difficult to dissolve in water. Some heavy metal ion can be fixed in the crystal lattice of the cement matrix, which can effectively avoid the leak of heavy metal. 
Working principle of slurry solidfication diaposal equipment
Sludge Solidification

1. Quantitative feeding device receives sludge to be treated. Then through the bottom of the tube spiral material feeding machine, the feed device sends the sludge to solidifying mixer in accordance with the pre-set delivery amount.
2. Cement lime or lime storage tanks are used for solidifying and mixing cement lime. Through the bottom of the tube spiral material feeding machine, the feed device sends the cement and cement lime to solidifying mixer in accordance with the pre-set delivery amount.
3. Solidification agent storage tanks are used for solidifying and mix-int solidification agent. Through the bottom of the tube spiral material feeding machine, the feed device sends the solidification agents to solidifying mixer in accordance with the pre-set delivery amount.
4. Two liquid inlets are reserved at the inlet of the solidification mixer. Liquid matters used for solidification such as water, acid and alkali are added from the inlets.
5. Solidification mixer mixes drilling and various solidification. Then the mixer will drive materials to move forward. When materials arrive at drilling discharge outlet, the drilling have been solidified and are discharged out from discharge outlet.
The solidification process mentioned above can be operated constantly. The handling capacity also can be adjusted. Additive amount of various materials can be adjusted. This system can not only save cost and labor force, but also can save disposal time. 


handling capacity power/kw covering area/m2 remarks
running power total power covering area of core equipment covering area
1t/h 17.5 30 20 90-125 We provide our customers with perfect technology and service.
2t/h 22.5 40 24 125-175
3t/h 30 50 32 175-300
4-5t/h 45 70 48 300-400
7.5t/h 55 90 60 350-450
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