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Sludge Microwave Dryer

TEL: 0371-67896551
Moisture content: 35% to 55%
Application range: can be applied to disposing active sludge disposal, paper sludge disposal, dyeing sludge disposal, coal washing factory, sewage factory, electroplating sludge and chemical pharmaceutical sludge. 

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Technical introduction

The drive modes of this dryer can be divided into belt, chain plate and chain type. It is mainly applied to heating, sterilizing and puffing of various materials. It is characterized by environmental protection, energy-saving and high efficiency.
  This equipment can be applied to fields such as chemistry industry, powder and nonferrous metal. Available materials: Food , such as soy products , flowers , and edible fungus , grains , dried fruit ,snack food , additives  and puffed products; Powder materials: Tungsten , silicon carbide , diamond , etc .; Medicine , such as pharmaceuticalintermediates , Chinese medicine yinpian , pill and powder; Chemical industry materials:Chemicals such as inorganic salts , catalyst  and rubber additives.
The equipment can dock with process seamlessly and realizes automatically feeding, distributing and receiving.
Dehydration modes can be divided into two types, straight-line type and reverse-flow type. 


Strong stability
Core elements are developed and made by our own company. It can be run stably and reliably consistently.
High intelligence
embedded control system; start engine stop; data can be transmitted online or wireless.
Strict safe standard
Anti no-load protection and anti microwave leak;
Elaborate manufacture process
It adopts imported equipment to manufacture; Electrical components adopt casting welding process

Working principle

Technical parameters

      Model Microwave     frequency Microwave power /kw Input power/kw Input voltage Dimensions(m) Width of materials Weight /T
BDMW-S-PM-15 2450±30 15 17 380V 6m×1.1m×1.7m (H) 0.6m 1.6
BDMW-S-PM-30 2450±30 30 32 380V 8m×1.1m×1.7m (H) 0.6m 2
BDMW-S-PM-45 2450±30 45 47 380V 10m×1.1m×1.7m (H) 0.6m 3
BDMW-S-PM-80 2450±30 80 82 380V 14m×1.1m×1.7m (H) 0.6m 4.2
BDMW-S-PM-15 2450±30 15 17 380V 6m×1.5m×1.7m (H) 0.85m 2
BDMW-S-PM-30 2450±30 30 32 380V 8m×1.5m×1.7m (H) 0.85m 2.4
BDMW-S-PM-45 2450±30 45 47 380V 10m×1.5m×1.7m (H) 0.85m 3.4
BDMW-S-PM-80 2450±30 80 82 380V 14m×1.5m×1.7m (H) 0.85m 5

Relevant cases

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