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Sludge-Cement Agitator

【Feeding size】:≤50mm        

【Application range】:used for pre-reaction and mixing of sludge/lime/cement. 

【Applicable material】:used for mixing various sludge and sludge cake.

【Product introduction】:mainly designed for sludge/lime/cement mixing sludge and  and sludge stabilization treatment. 

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Technical introduction

Taeda®Taeda® calcime/cement sludge mixer is specially designed for mixing sludge and quick lime. It is used for sludge drying stabilization. It can be used as one single system. Meanwhile, it can also form a larger system with other auxiliary system. Therefore, this mixre can be installed in existing equipment, but also can be installed with other equipment. Whole set Taeda® calcium/cement sludge mixing system contains quick lime storing system, discharging system, sludge mixer and final screw conveyor.

Texture: Main body adopts stainless steel; rotary shaft adopts carbon steel/abrasion-resistant steel/stainless steel.  

Equipment feature:

1.Self cleaning function and strong overload resistance ability. TaedaTaeda® calcium/cement sludge mixing has two rotary shafts with bevel cutting oblique surface and adjustable mixing blade, which can greatly improve mixing capacity. Maximum input capacity is 24m3/h. Shape of mixing blade can be flat. The shape can also be designed into with jacket tube or gear shape.

2.After disposal, sludge recycling is up to standard. Sludge will become particle dry product after mixing with cement. This kind of final product is easy for storage and is safe for reutilization on agriculture.

Sludge display after disposal:

sludge/cement mixer


  • After drying process, sludge presents granular state;

  • No noise; sealing operation;

  • Evenly mixing;

  • Slow speeed and full agitation;

  • Mixing blades can be adjusted according to quality of sludge.

Working principle

sludge cement mixer

Technical parameters

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