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Organic Sludge Dryer

Materials: all kinds of sludge with 75% to 85% moisture content;
Production capacity: 10 to 150 tons per day
Applications: applied to small-medium sewage disposal plants which regard landfill and building material utilization as final aims; especially applied to sewage plant and industrial park sewage departments which have to meet the requirements of upgrading and reconstructions and deodorization; also applied to disposing sludge with toxic and harmful matters; applied to dry sludge, white mud, printing and dyeing sludge, municipal sludge, sewage sludge, activated sludge, electroplating sludge, paper making, oil sludge, chemical sludge, slurry, gyp and organic compound sludge. 

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Technical introduction

  With the development of economy, the demand for oil gas increases annually. Our country has devoted great efforts to the development or land and ocean oil gas. Extensive mining has led to much environmental pollution. There is no a balance between resource development and environmental protection. Especially, our country has transferred its focus to unconventional oil gas fields (shale gas and tight oil). The development method and material used in the process such as oil base mud and hydro fracture contain high pollution, which makes the conflict between development and environmental protection a problem our country needs to solve urgently.
  Organic sludge dryer has heat capacity coefficient, high thermal efficiency and multifunction. Its products has no oxidation and deterioration. Wide range of applications, large capacity and easy maintenance. 


1. This organic sludge dryer holds less energy consumption; insulating layer is set on outer body of dryer;
2. Cost less investment; large heat transfer area; can use different heat media, such as steam, heat conduction oil, hot water and cool water;
3. Can be applied to many kinds of materials;
4. Cause less pollution to environment; cause less dust; small evaporation amount; can adopt closed circuit;
5.  Less operation cost; low speed mixture; reasonable structure; less wearing parts; less maintenance cost;
6.  Stable operation; materials can get full contact with material granularity; 

Working principle

  Organic sludge dryer which regards steam as heat source is developed by our company by combining with advantages of foreign drying equipment.
 Taida sludge dryer is a kind of dryer which adopts indirect heating and low-speed mixing. It can be operated constantly. It is a kind of energy-saving drying equipment. Steam flows to screw blades through hollow shaft. The design of inner pass way is very special. With clever design, the two shafts can rotate conversely. Extrusion and relaxation actions will be produced between shafts. With the constant mixture and stir of screw blades, the heating area of materials can be updated. Evaporation efficiency gets improved greatly. The area for heat transferring is enlarged in unit effective volume.
  This equipment adopts steam as heat media and indirect heat conduction. All amount of heat is used for heating materials. Washing force is produced by the relevant movement between materials granularities and wedge. This washing force can wash out the materials attached on wedge and help keep a clean heat transferring area in the running process. The shape of screw dryer’s shell body is W. Generally, there are two hollow shafts installed in the shell body. There is also an insulation end covering the top, which can not only avoid the leak of materials and dust, but also can collect material solvent vapor. There is a damper installed on the discharge port in order to guarantee the height of material’s level. Then the heat-transfer surface can be fully covered by materials and can fully play its role. Heat-transfer media will flow to jacket and hollow mixing shaft through rotary revolving joint to guarantee best heat-transferring effect. 

Technical parameters

Item Project Content
1 Equipment model XY-9-P
2 Suitable raw materials  Various rubber, plastics, oily sludge and sand
3 Structure Horizontal rotation
4 Size of crack kettle Φ1700*8800mm; Φ1700*11000mm
5 Daily handling capacity 20Mt; 25Mt; 35Mt
6 Working pressure Micro negative pressure
7 Power 60-75Kw/h
8 Cooling method Cycling water
9 Diving mode Outer gear ring rotate
10 Installation mode Integral type
11 Noise ≤85
12 Working mode Continuous mode
13 (MT)
Total weight

Relevant cases

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