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Multi-layer Belt Dryer

Materials: sludge
Production capacity: 0.5 to 1 t/h
Moisture of materials: 20% to 70%
Applications: applied to drying chip, strip and granular materials from food, agricultural sideline products, vegetables, water products, native products, forage and sludge industries;

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Technical introduction

It is widely applied to drying chip, strip and granular materials from food, agricultural sideline products, vegetables, water products, native products, forage and sludge industries. It is efficicent and energy saving. It is a leading product on aspest of flow heating, stratified air intake, stage drying and waste heat recycle. The index of its main performance has reached to the international advanced standard in 90s. This series of drier adopts multi-layer mobile stainless steel mesh and vibrating board to spread materials. Hot air passes through meshes and materials from top to bottom. With uniform heat exchange and high production efficiency, the quality of products is pretty good. There is cooling layer and rotary feeding device. The temperature of outlet materials is low, which is beneficial for packing and using lifting device with distribution device. The thickness of material layer is uniform. The thickness of layer can be adjusted steplessly. Distribution area materials is from 25 square meters to 80 square meters which is controlled by seven types of machine to meet different production scope and requests. Our company adjusts the structure of equiment based on years’ experience and pratical performance. We constantly optimize and update our products to develop many types of models and structures. For different qualities of different products, we provide customized design. According to the structure of equipment, this series of equipment can be divided in to following models.


This equipment is applied to producing massively materials which is hard to dry. This equipment is characterized by compact structure, small covering area, simple operation, convenient maintenance and stable running. We can design different hot air circulating drying types according to special quality of various materials. This equipment is widely applied to metallurgical additives, chemical, food and package. With the development of technologies, the quality of products gets improved. Muilt-layer belt drier has the ability of massive production, diverisification, centralized control and continous production. This equipment holds advantages of high efficiency, energy-saving and easy to control. 

Working principle

DW series of multi-layer belt drier is a kind of compartment structure where many layer of conveying belts are set. The belts move circulatory. Materials are distributed evenly on the first-layer conveying belt. Materials are sent to all the meshes step by step by the drive of chains. After the process mentioned above, the moisture of materials meet the standard for drying. Air circulating adopts countercurrent process. The air with high temperature and low moisture flows upward from the bottom of drier in order to finish heat and mass transfer. Then the moisture can be eliminated. Tail gas is discharged from the top through induced draft fan. With high-level automation, materials will turn automatically in the drying process, which gurantees uniformly drying. In addition, with good working environment, this equipment holds advantages of less labor force and easy maintenance. Blanking plate and and automatically cleaning door are installed at the bottom of the box. It is very convenient to clean powder materials in the box.

Technical parameters

Models DW3-1.2-8 DW3-1.2-10 DW3-1.6-8 DW3-1.6-10 DW3-2-8 DW3-2-8
units 4×3 5×3 4×3 5×3 4×3 5×3
Width of belt(m) 1.2 1.6 2
Length of drying stage(m) 8×3 10×3 8×3 10×3 8×3 10×3
Thickness of distributed materials(mm) 10-80
Operating temperature(oC) 50-140
Pressure of steam(MPa) 0.2-0.8
Steam consumption (kg/h) 360-600 420-720 450-840 480-960 480-960 630-1350
Area of heat exchange(m2) 816 1020 1056 1320 1344 1680

Drying capacity kg/h
150-450 220-550 240-600 280-750 280-750 350-900
Number of fans 14 17 14 17 14 17
Total power of inner machine(kw) 30.8 37.4 42 51 56 68
Total power of equipment (kw) 35.3 41.9 46.5 55.5 60.5 72.5
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 9.77×2.2×4.5 11.77×2.2×4.5 9.77×2.6×4.7 11.77×2.6×4.7 9.77×3.06×4.9 11.77×3.06×4.9
Total weight kg 4800×3 5780×3 5400×3 6550×3 6350×3 7800×3

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