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Medical Wastes Pyrolysis

Materials: medical garbages and wasted plastics
Daily handling capacity: 20mt; 25mt; 30mt;
Applications: applied to disposing domestic garbages, rubbers, plastics, oily sand and oily sludge.

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Technical introduction

Main materials: medical garbages and waste plastics 
Medical Wastes Pyrolysis Equipment
Main structures:
1. Pyrolysis main furnace
2. Automatic feed and discharge system
3. Static and dynamic seal system
4. Power system
5. Multifunctional separator
6. Straight line tube condenser
7. Straight line tube condenser
8. Oil water separator
9. Residual oil tank
10. Water seal
11. Waste gas recycle system
12. Spray dust removal system
13. Electricity distribution cabinet;
14. Cooling water tower
15. High temperature oil pump
16. Oil pump
17. Water pump
Charateristics of device:
1. This device adopts pyrolysis furnace developed by our compnay (patent number: ZL 2012 1 0206913.X). this pyrolysis furnace can be applied to cracking used tyres, used plastics, usd rubber and used acrylic;
2. the whole equipment adopts multifunctional separator developed by our company in the runnin process (patent number: ZL 2014 2 0467359.5) to eliminate the solid particle impurity and liquid drop; then the aim to separate gas, solid and liquid can be achieved, which can gurantees the normal running of pipelines and equipment;
3. The whole device adopts static and dynamic seal system developed by our company (patent number: ZL 2012 2 0254180.2/ZL 2013 1 0443212.2). It is mainy used for the seal connection between static equipment and dynamic equipment. This seal equipment holds advantages of good plasticity, high intensity and easy maintenance. It can also play a compensating role for thermal expansion caused by temperature change. It can effectively reduce gas leak and damping between static and dynamic equipment.
4. The whole device adopts efficient self-cleaning condensator developed by our company (patent number: ZL 2013 2 0397822.9). It is a kind of energy-saving equipment which can realize heat transfer in two or more kinds of fluids. It is a kind of equipment which can thermal transferred from fluid with higher temperature to fluid with lower temperature. Then the temperature of fluid can reach to requested temperature and meet need of process conditions. Meanwhile, it is a kind of main equipment which can improve the utilization efficiency of heat energy. This condensator holds many advantages such as good effect, compact structure, less blockage, less flow resistance and easy to clean. These features prevent the materials condensation on pipe wall and avoid blockage.
5. The whole device adopts non-condensable gas back combustion device developed by our company (patent number: ZL 2012 2 0254119.8). There are some combustible gases which can not be condensated under normal atomospheric and normal temperature while the equipment is running. These gases will be burnt at the bottom of pyrolysis main furnace in waste gas back combustion system. Then, a great amount of thermal engery will be produced, which not only avoids pollution, but also saves fuels.
6. The noise produced in the operation process is not over 65 db. There is no smoke produced in the process.
7. There is a two-way water impact cyclone dust collecting system installed in flue dust removal system, which makes sure that the emission of flue gas meets national standard.
Medical Wastes Pyrolysis Equipment


Analysis of economic effects and environmental effects:
Waste tyres/waste plastics/waste rubber/waste acrylic/domestic garbage/medical garbage/oil shale/other waste matters
The easiest disposal method is to landfill and incineration. Landfill occupies too much precious land resource. Since fuel oil refining equipment is developed from waste rubber and waste plastics, this equipment has become a common research and topic governments at all levels pay much attention to. It can not only save resources for human, but also creates new type energy. With simple workshop, rich raw materials, low cost and high profit, this equipment only covers an area of 450 square meters. The recycled fuel oil is applied to many fields. Customers at home can recover all costs within three months. Customers from south-east Asia can recover all costs in one and half months. Take waste tyres as example to calculate profits:
Summary: daily profit: 8240 yuan;
        Monthly profit: 164,800 yuan (20 days)
        Annual profit: 1,648,000 yuan (10 months)
Medical Wastes Pyrolysis Equipment
 Collection, transportation and storage system: this system conforms strictly with national standards for dispoal of wastes. it mainly consists of collection, transportation, measurement, discharge, temporary storage and sterilization devices.
2. This process is not only easy, but also friendly to environment.
This comprehensive disposal process adopts high-temperature pyrolysis to dispose wastes. In the whole process, we don’t use any chemical additives which may produce toxic and harmful wastes. Exhaust air and tail gas can be recycled and disposed comprehensively by advanced equipment. There is no complex procedure in the process. The whole process happens in a closed high-temperature pyrolysis furnace. The simple operation produces no pollution to environment.
3. Efficient disposal and good effect
With efficient disposal, this system can meet Log8 standard.
4. Automatic disposal process
This system adopts advanced PLC control technology to realize automatic control. It mainly consists of: vacumm preheat control; heating, cooling, self start and stop control; adjustment control to time and temperature in cycle processing engineering; sterilization control of raffinate and waste cold water. This system holds advantages of convenient components, simple operation, safety and effectiveness.
5. Maximization of resource of utilization
This system can efficiently make the disposal of medical garbages meet relavant standards. Garbage resouces can be recycled and utilized by this disposal process. Fuel oil, metals and other resources can be got while achieving disposal effect.
6. Lower running costs
The disposal developed by taida is easier. It needs no complex disposal equipments. Both construction cost and running cost are cheap. In addition, this process can recyle and utilize resources. As a result, better economic effects can be achieved.
7. More obvious on volume and quantity reduction
This disposal process can effectively recycle and utilize resources for medical garbages while realizing safe disposal. After recycling and utilization, these garbages are transferred into fuel oil and metals, which gurantees the effective volume and quantity reduction of garbages.
8. High-temperature pyrolysis system: it is a core product of taida. It is characterized by safety, enegy-saving, environmental protection and high ecnonomic effectiveness. It holds many inventions and patents. Products of taida have been sold to many provinces at home and many countries at abroad. This system mianly consists of feeder, high temperature cracking reaction kettle for medical garbages, slag tapping machine, condensating system, fuel receiving system, tail gas disposal system, electricity control system and waste material disposal system.
9. Tail gas purification system: it is mainly composed of efficient spray dust collection tower and other core systems. It holds many advantages such as high efficiency, low cost, convenient management and less maintenance.  
10. Waste slag disposal system: this disposal process holds advantages of advanced technology, perfect slag collection and harmless disposal. It can dispose slags efficiently and produces no secondary pollution.
11. Instrument and automation control system: the medical garbages disposal system of taida adopts PLC control technology and precise instruments to finish automatic control of the whole process and precise monitoring.
12. Emergency handling, safety explosion-proof system: the medical garbages disposal system of taida takes advantages of many vedios to supervise pressure and temperature of key systems. This system can alarm automatically and effectively dispose abnormal situations, which makes the whole production process reliable. 

Working principle

At first, send organic solids to bunker by belt conveyor. Then solids enter pyrolysis furnace by automatic feed system. Rotary main furnace can control rotary direction by controlling switches of control cabinet. Accordingly, the distribution of organic matters can be adjusted in the main furnace. The amount of materials should be controlled under the two-thirds of total volume. Close the feed seal door and start heating system. When the temperature reaches to 150 dgeree centigrade, there is gas produced (most of gas produced here is waste gas). When the temperature reaches to 220 degree centigrade, oily gas starts to enter multifunctional separator. Then a part of oil will be separated out and enter slag oil tank through pipeline. Then, the gas will be sent to pyrolysis furnace by pump for further heating and pyrolysis. Oil gas will enter cooling system through multifunctional separator. After being cooled, oil water will flow to oil water separator by pipeline for oil water component measurement.
Flue gas produced by heat pyrolysis will enter strong spray dust collector tower through flue gas pipeline for spray precipitation and cooling. Then the gas will be discharged into industrial waste gas purifier by induced draft fan in order to realize harmlessness. After being decomposed, carbon black produce by organic solid wastes will be sent to conveying system by full closed curved flexible hose. Then, carbon black enters into closed bunker for automatic discharging. The the carbon black will be transported into carbon black manufacturing shop. After being recycled, milled, activated and pelletized, ECO carbon black which meets national standard will be produced. This kind of carbon black holds high added value. The cycling water of cooling system is provided by cooling pool. Water seal, vacumm pump water box and dust collection tower are provided by water pump house. Owing to little amount of water used, water can be supplied manually while it is running. The equipment insists on cycling use of water to make sure self cycling use of water. A little amount of evaporation water is offered by system. 
Medical Wastes Pyrolysis Equipment

Technical parameters

Items Projects Contents
1 Model YT-LXLJ-12 YT-LXLJ-25 YT-LXLJ-30
2 Raw materials Medical garbages Medical garbages Medical garbages
3 Strucuture Horizontal double drive Horizontal double drive Horizontal double drive
4 Handling capacity for 24 hours (not below) 12m3 25m3 30m3
5 Work form Constant work Constant work Constant work
6 Rotation speed of host 0.4r/m 0.4r/m 0.4r/m
7 Work pressure Normal pressure Normal pressure Normal pressure
8 Equipped power 10KW 12KW 14KW
9 Cooling method Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
10 Cool water consumed (T/h) 2 2 2
11 Drive method Gear drive Gear drive Gear drive
12 Heat method Direct/hot air Direct/hot air Direct/hot air

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