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Industrial Sludge Dryer

Raw materials: paper sludge, dyeing sludge, electroplating sludge and chemical pharmaceutical sludge;
Moisture content: 35% to 55%
Applications: paper making plants, printing and dyeing plants, pharmacy, coal washing, drilling, electroplating plants, livestock-raising farm, food and kitchen wastes;

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Technical introduction

  Comparing with municipal sludge, there is less organic matter contained in industrial sludge. The components of sludge are different in different industries. However, similarly, there are chemical residues in both industrial sludge and municipal sludge. Many enterprises choose to send sludge to professional companies after deep dehydration. They pay professional companies according to weight. To reduce sludge and save cost as much as possible, Zhengzhou Taida launched a set of super pressure sludge dehydration equipment-sludge drying press. 
  Treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater generates huge amount of excess activated sludge, mainly as a result of increasingly stringent environmental regulations. According to relevant survey, the sludge production rate amounts to 60 g dry solids/person/day on average for the European Union Member countries. Because the cost for the waste sludge handling can amount t0 50% of the total operational cost of the wastewater treatment plant. Sludge minimization techniques are extensively being studied. However, the remaining excess sludge still has to be treated, for which thermal drying, after a first mechanical dewatering step, is an essential processing step to reduce the sludge volume for further downstream processing like storage, transportation and incineration. 


1. Energy efficient-microwave penetrates into sludge and cause drying to take place throughout the whole volume of sludge rapidly. It saves significant amount of processing time and energy. Many conventional sludge dryers in the market use traditional heating methods such as steam, electrical coil and diesel.
2. Instantaneous response-industrial sludge dryer can be instantly turned on and off without warm-up or cool-down time required;
3. Short payback period-depending on the disposal cost of sludge, the payback period of capital investment is usually short;
4. Easy operation and maintenance-the operation of the industrial sludge dryer is simple and only maintenance required is the replacement of magnetron tubes. Typical operating life of these tubes is above 5000 hours;
5. Users and environmentally friendly-no exhaust emission, no burning of fossil fuel, low noise level, cooler and more comfortable working environment;
6. Safe operation-comply with international leakage standard;
7. Excellent after sales service; 

Working principle

  Sludge conditioning: use small amount of green sludge conditioning reagent to change the quality of sludge; after the conditioning, sludge will enter bunker pump and feed with 6 to 8 Mpa pressure. After finishing feeding, turn off feed pump. Sludge will be dried up with 6 to 8 Mpa pressure. After deep dehydration, sludge becomes dry sludge cake. Under the function of pneumatic discharge device of Taida dehydration equipment, sludge cake unloading is finished automatically. It costs about 30 to 50 Yuan to dispose one-ton printing and dyeing sludge with 80% moisture content, including labor force, electricity, reagent charge, filter cloth and damage loss. 

Technical parameters

Items Common equipment TDQ-1 TDQ-Ⅱ TDQ-Ⅲ TDQ-Ⅳ TDQ-Ⅴ TDQ-Ⅵ Remarks
1 Active sludge(T) 8-15 18-30 35-55 60-75 75-90 95-115 If the moisture content is over 65%, dehydration should be carried out first. 
2 Feed throughput(T/h) 2.5-3.5 3.5-4.5 5.5-7.5 7.5-9.5 9.5-12.5 12.5-15
3 Total installed capacity 9.5kw 13kw 18.5kw 26kw 33.5kw 37kw
4 Area occupied(m2) 25 35 45 60 80 100

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