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    Heavy Metal Sludge Dehydration Project in Zhenjiang

Production scale: the amount of heavy metal sludge reaches to 50000 tons a year;
Product plan: This project intends to dry treatment of hw22 containing copper sludge 20000 tons / year, hw46 nickel containing sludge 24000 tons / year and other types of heavy metal sludge a total of 6000 tons / year. 
Brief introduction of process flow
1. Collection and transportation of sludge: trained personnel to clients collected sludge with iron and space bag packaging, and by the special transport of dangerous goods vehicle transport to the factory dangerous goods warehouse storage. Closed dangerous goods vehicle transport process basically no odor of volatile gases, but the factory sludge storage area has a small amount of foul gas free of volatile organic.
2. Sludge conveying: Containing copper sludge temporarily stored in sludge buffer, sludge through a metering belt conveyer ability: 5t / h) screw conveyor to the feeder (transmission capacity: 4T / h), then into the sludge dry equipment.
3. Sludge dehydration: This project set up 2 dry production lines (each dry production line of dry sludge capacity of 3 to 6t/h).
   Start to rotate the cylinder sludge dryer, hot air generated by the combustion chamber of diesel combustion combustion start preheating (increased by small), bunker entrance temperature up to 420 DEG high wet material from the conveyor to the dryer inlet, outlet and guide after high temperature hot contact, evaporation, the material in the copy take the lead angle of the moving plate, then is introduced into the cleaning work areas; wet material is copy board took form material screen material easily rolled state, bonded on the tube wall, this area is installed on the inner wall of the cleaning device, can clean the adhesion material, and crushing effect on material ball block, therefore, increasing the heat exchange area, improve the heat transfer efficiency, improve the drying rate; with the operation of material into the drum inclined lifting plate area, this area is dry at low temperature region, the material is of low moisture loose condition, does not have the bonding Elephant, the material after heat exchange has reached the purpose of drying, enter the material area; this region drum does not have a copy board, scroll down to the discharge port, the spiral conveyor will dry material output.
   The drying system in each rotary kiln guide material outlet end are respectively provided with a combustion chamber, combustion chamber is provided with a diesel combustion lance, sludge drying supplies required heat source. Combustion chamber along the inner wall with knife refractory brick and glass water mixed refractory mud blocks into the chamber. Generated by the combustion chamber combustion waste gas and dry high wet sludge after the waste gas enters the exhaust gas purification system for processing.
4. Tail gas disposal
    The sludge dry production line were supporting the construction of a cyclone dust collector lye spraying washing tower separation purification device, then the same 25 m exhaust tube discharge standards.
Dry production line to produce exhaust gas first through the cyclone dust, particles (5 m) of dust removal (according to the design units to provide cyclone dust collector equipment technical parameters, dust removal rate up to 90%), the cyclone dust after treatment of gas into vertical counter current washing absorption tower (according to the design of counter current washing ceiling tower equipment technical parameters, dust removal rate can reach 95%) again purification, the final exhaust by induced draft fan introduced 25 meter high exhaust tube emptying.
Cyclone dust collector to collect the dust directly send the finished product area outside the packaging sales. Lye spraying washing circulating tank precipitate, sent to landfill field project curing security landfill disposal. Spray scrubber containing heavy metal spray waste water by the factory sewage disposal station for landfill sludge solidification workshop water.
5. Gas emission device
  According to the construction units to provide the feasibility study report, the project of two sludge dry production line to produce exhaust respectively by two sets of purification treatment device by the same 25 m exhaust tube discharge. The height of the chimney design height of 25 meters, material selection of carbon steel materials, internal corrosion, dn=900mm. well shaped frame 6 angle (2000 x 2000 span, height of 15000) 1. Smoke height to meet GB16297-1996 < air pollutant comprehensive discharge standard > Table 2: an exhaust pipe of the emission of hydrogen cyanide height shall not lower than 25 meters. 
                                          Heavy metal sludge dehydration system in Zhenjiang

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