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Fluid Bed Dryer

Materials: sludge from sewage plants
Production capacity: 1 to 2 t/h
Moisture of materials: 20% to 80%
Applications: it is applied to drying or cooling powder and granular materials from chemical, pharmacuetical, food, vegetables, commissariats and mineral industries. 

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Technical introduction

In this dryer, materials enter the machine from feed inlet. Under the action of vibration, materials are tossed along horizontal surface and move forward. Hot air will pass through the fluid bed and exchange heat with wet materials. After being disposed by cyclone dust collector, wet air will be dicharge out. Dried materials are discharged out from discharge inlet. It can be applied to drying or cooling powder and granular materials from chemical, pharmacuetical, food, vegetables, commissariats and mineral industries.


Pharmaceutical and chemical industry: all kinds of tablet granules, boric acid, borax and ammonium sulfate and hydroquinone, malic acid, maleic acid and so on. Building materials, food: trough wine, monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, slag, bean, seeds and so on. 
2. It can also be used for cooling and moistening of materials;
3. Materials are heated evenly and fully; drying capacity is very high. Compared with common dryer, it can save about 30% energy. Vibration is driven by vibration motor which realizes stable running, easy maintenance, low noise and long service span. With stable flow, there is no dead angle and blowing phenomenon. It causes less damage to materials. So it can be applied to drying brittle materials. Working performance will not be affected by irregular graularities.
4. It adopts fully closed structure, which effectively avoids cross contamination between materials and air. Woking environment is very clean. It holds advantags of good adapability and wide applicability. The thickness of materials, speed of movement and vibration amplitude can be adjusted steplessly.
5. Owing to vibration, the minimum fluidization gas velocity can be reduced. Therefore, the amount of air demanded can be obviously reduced. Thus, models of dust layer entrainment can be reduced. Matching heat source, fan and cyclone separator can be reduced. Energy saving effect is obvious. Staying time of materials can be changed by adjusting vibration parameters. Its piston flow type of operation reduces the requests on uniformity of granularities and regularities. Dry products are easy to get. 

Working principle

Materials enter the machine from feed inlet. Under the function of vibration motor and excited force produced by other ways, materials jump forward on air distribution plate. After being filtered, air is heate to a certain temperature. Then, materials enter wind chamber of dryer from air port. Under the double force of vibration and hot air, materials present a state of suspension and contact with hot air flow. Voilent turbulence is carried out between materials and hot media, which will strengthen heat and mass transferring process. Dried products are discharged out from discharge gate. After being disposed by cyclone separator, evaporated moisture and exhaust air will be discharged into atomesphere. Lower bed provides a stable wind chamber with certain pressure. Adjust induced draft fan and make upper layer materials in bed in upper box maintain micro negative pressure. Good drying environment can be miantained and dust leak will be effectively avoided. 

Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer
Process flow 
Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer

Technical parameters

Specifications/paramters A B C D E F Weight(kg)
ZLG3.0×0.30 3000 300 1350 900 430 1650 1250
ZLG4.5×0.30 4500 300 1350 900 430 1650 1560
ZLG4.5×0.45 4500 450 1550 950 430 1700 1670
ZLG4.5×0.60 4500 600 1650 950 430 1700 1910
ZLG6.0×0.45 6000 450 1650 950 430 1700 2100
ZLG6.0×0.60 6000 600 1700 1000 500 1700 2410
ZLG6.0×0.75 6000 750 1850 1000 600 1850 2340
ZLG6.0×0.90 6000 900 2000 1000 600 1850 3160
ZLG7.5×0.60 7500 600 1850 1000 600 1850 3200
ZLG7.5×0.75 7500 750 2000 1000 600 1850 3600
ZLG7.5×0.90 7500 900 2100 1000 600 1850 4140
ZLG7.5×1.20 7500 1200 2500 1150 800 2050 5190
Model Area of fluid bed(M2) Inlet temperature(℃) Outlet temperature(℃) Evaporation capacity(kg/h) Vibrating motor
Model Power(kw)
ZLG3×0.30 0.9 70-140 40-70 20-35 ZDS31-6 0.8×2
ZLG4.5×0.30 1.35 70-140 40-70 35-50 ZDS31-6 0.8×2
ZLG4.5×0.45 2.025 70-140 40-70 50-70 ZDS32-6 1.1×2
ZLG4.5×0.60 2.7 70-140 40-70 70-90 ZDS32-6 1.1×2
ZLG6.0×0.45 2.7 70-140 40-70 80-100 ZDS41-6 1.5×2
ZLG6.0×0.60 3.6 70-140 40-70 100-130 ZDS41-6 1.5×2
ZLG6.0×0.75 4.5 70-140 40-70 120-140 ZDS42-6 2.2×2
ZLG6.0×0.90 5.4 70-140 40-70 140-170 ZDS42-6 2.2×2
ZLG7.5×0.60 4.5 70-140 40-70 130-150 ZDS42-6 2.2×2
ZLG7.5×0.75 5.625 70-140 40-70 150-180 ZDS51-6 3.0×2
ZLG7.5×0.90 6.75 70-140 40-70 160-210 ZDS51-6 3.0×2
ZLG7.5×1.20 9 70-140 40-70 200-260 ZDS51-6 3.0×2

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