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              Scrubbing Tower

              【Air volume】:1200-30000m3/h        

              【Application range】:city sewage station, garbage disposal factory, food and beverage factory, feed processing waste gas and fertilizer production industries.

              【Working temperature】:-10℃~250℃

              【Product introduction】:Scrubbing tower is also called multi-functional dust removing tower which can be used for dust collecting, desulpuration, deodorization, gas absorption and other relevant functions.

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              Technical introduction

              Exhaust air tower, tail gas absorber, desulfurizing tower and deodorant tower
                Scrubbing tower is also called multi-functional spraying scrubbing tower featured in high efficiency, long service life, easy maintenance and low malfunction rate. While dust collecting, this equipment can also remove SO2, NOx, fluoride and other harmful gas.
                When harmful, hazardous and odor gas are led to scrubbing system through collecting pipe, spraying water and water film will absorb dust in the gas first. Then, packing layers inside scrubbing tower will further purify pollutants of exhaust gas.
              Application range:
                City Wastewater Treatment plants (odor from pump station, pretreatment and sludge treatment);
                Garbage disposal plant (odor from collecting station and sorting workshop)
                Painting factory odor
                Exhaust from plastic and rubber factory
                Exhaust from feedstuff processing
                Odor from food and beverage factory
                Odor from pharmaceutical companies


                1、Convenient management, scrubbing water (alkaline water) is recycled in closed loop and utilization rate of waste water reaches 98%, which can reduce emission of waste water and flying dust.
                2、Can be used to deal with exhaust gas which contains various pollutants.
                3、 Holds strong impact resistant ability. It can still work normally when exhaust concentrate fluctuates between 3-1500ppm.
                4、 Short dealing period and high efficiency. Purification work can be finished in 5 to 10 seconds and comprehensive efficiency can reach higher than 95%.
                5、Low construction cost and running cost.
                6、Adopt fiber glass/stainless steel texture, with good appearance, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.
                7、Adopt compound filtering materials, with large surface area, good permeability, not easy to harden and long service life.
                8、 High automation level.
                9、Adopt double-layer structure; interlayer is stuffed with insulation materials; suitable to work in cold weather; with erosion resistant coating set inside.

              Working principle

              scrubbing tower

              scrubbing tower

              Technical parameters

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