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Domestic Sludge Dryer

Production capacity: 1 to 20t/h
Applications: it is applied to metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials, brewing and other industries;
Product introduction: life sludge dryer is a kind of new energy saving product which adopts dehumidifying heat pump to dry the sludge by hot air circulating cooling.

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Technical introduction

1. Introduction to life sludge dryer
With the enhancement of national economic and people's consciousness of environmental protection, urban sewage processing industry has been developed rapidly. Production of municipal sewage sludge increases day by day. The disposal, development and utilization of Sludge are paid more and more attention by people. The drying treantment of sludge treatment makes the agriculatural use, incineration, reduction of landfill site and other disposal methods possible.
This dryer is a kind of new energy saving product which adopts pump to dry the sludge by hot air circulating cooling. Heat pump dehumidification uses a refrigeration system and heat air by heat and humidity of air cooling and dehumidifying at the same time through the principle of heat pump recovery air moisture condensation latent heating air a device. In short, a heat pump dehumidification is dehumidification (dry and wet) combined with heat pump (energy charge) of the device. 
By taking advantage of the principle of latent heat of condensation of water heated air to dry the material, dehumidification drying uses a heat pump refrigeration system to enable objects of drying chamber cooling and dehumidifying humid air through the heat pump at the same time by taking advantage of the principle of latent heat of condensation of water heated air to dry the material. Dehumidifier combines with moisture and heat eliminating pump, which achieves circulating utilization of energy in the process of drying. It is different to conventional hot air drying. Dried air circulates closely in drying chamber and dehumidifier dryer in pump dryer. In traditional hot air dryer, heat air by using heat source and discharge air which has absorbs moisture. The energy utilization rate is very low.
Dehumidification Recuperated regenerator is set in the dehumidification heat pump in order to reduce the temperature of air which enters evaporator and increase the termpereture of air which enters the condensator. Regenerative cycle makes the cooling volume of evaporator used for reducing air temperature (invalid cooling process) and used for increasing cooling volume in heat and moisture eliminating, which makes the best evaporation temperature and best moisture amount eliminated increase in heat pump. The regeneration heat cycle can save about over 30% energy. 
Domestic sludge dryer


Overcome high temperature; good high temperature performance; solve problems of winter frost and bad high termperature performance;
2. Adopt intermediate heat transfer and temperature gradient in double effect and triple effect dehumidicating technology; the comprehensive dehumidicating ratio (SMER) reaches to over 20%;
3. Solve problems of traditional device such as bad dehumidifying performance, or even no dehumidifying problem;
4. According to different moisture content of sludge cakes, different technologies can be adopted. Drying time of sludge cakes is reduced and comprehensive performace of dryer is improved;
5. Special mesh type low temperature dryign mode: safer; longer service span; adcanced strafified air distribution; advanced dustproof technology; efficient and stable performance;
Characteristics of sludge dryer:
1. Can fully fullfill the aims of reduction, stablization, harmlessness and reclamation of sludge. final granularities can be used as fertilizer, fuel, incineration, building materials, biomass materials, soil for landfill and land utilization;
2. Can be applied to various sludge drying system (including sludge containing much sand); long service span; can dry sludge cakes with 83% moisture content to sludge granularity with 10% moisture content; by using special sludge forming technology, sludge can be reduced to 1/4 to 1/5; according to different solidification rate, adopt different material distributing modes;
3. Low temperature (40 to 75); fully closed drying technology; no tail gas emissed; the drying process is carried out in a closed environment; no air is discharged into outer environment; no secondary pollution caused; low temperature technology can fully avoid the volatilization of various organic in sludge; avoid the emission of foul gas;
4. Safe running system; no risk of explosion; the oxygen content in this process is below 12%; the concentration of dust is blow 60g/cubic meters; the temperature of granularity is below 75 degree centigrade; the transferrring speed of mesh can adopt frequency conversion; the moisture content is adjusted between 10% to 30%; can meet requirements of various processes;

Working principle

Technical parameters

Domestic sludge dryer

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