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Continous Mixer

【Production capacity】:0.3-60t/h       

【Applicable range】:it is applied to metallurgy, drying, chemistry, suidling materials, battery materials and rare earth powder mixing process industry.

【Applicable material】:non adhesive and weakly bonded materials;。

【Product introduction】:Taeda continuous mixer can be used for mixing work of powder-powder, powder-particle and powder-liquid. 。

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Technical introduction

This product can realize the mixing of powder&powder, powder&granularity and powder&liquid. Various agitating blades are installed in circular and U-shaped drum. Materials enter from the end of mixer. Then, materials are sent to the other end of agitator through special blade structure while ther are agitated in the agitator. Generally, materials stay in mixture for about 30 to 120 seconds in order to finish continous discharging and feeding process.
Application range:
Building materials, glass, titanium dioxide, Calcium carbonate, thermal insulation materials, metallurgy, mining, paper making, cement, thickening powder, fly ash humidification, feed granulation, glass, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, bentonite, stabilized soil and so on. 


Equipment texture: normal carbon steel, SUS304 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel and other materials which are available in order to meet different sanitation, corrosion and abrasion resistance requests.
Liquid injection: by using liquid spraying method to add the atomization form of materials to mixer in order to make sure the even mixture after small amount of liquid added.
Heating and stirring: in the process of mixing, mixer can carry out heating and cooling in order to meet constant temperature requirement of various materials.
If materials are special, high-speed stirring knife can be designed in the equipment.
This product holds advantages such as high mixing efficiency and large production capacity. Generally, it is applied to large-scale mixing amount production line. Matching with constant feeding system, finished product bin and large-scale yard. It can not be designed as single operation. 

Working principle

Continous mixer is composed of transmission part, mixer and drum. Materials are driven to discharger end under the cooperation between outer ribbon coiled form and rotary direction. At the same time, inner ribbon drives materials reversely. The different angles, direction and winding methods causes different flow direction of materials. Through constant convective circulation and shear mixing, rapid mixing can be achieved.
According to requests of different products, we can design different drums including U-shaped drum, O-shaped drum and 270-degree centigrade drum.
According to different qualities of materials, different blades can be chosen: inner-external constant ribbon type, broken ribbon blade type and plow type.
This kind of equipment is suitable for situation where two mateirlas hold similar proportion; this equipment is not suitable for evenly mixing of single kind of material whose proportion is under 10%.
continuous mixer

Technical parameters

Continous mixer
1. the mixing amount contained in the chart above regards materials whose proportion is 1.5 as the basic datas of test. Calculate according to the mesh, proportion and other relevant parameters.
2. If the there are working situations such as high temperature, high pressure, fire, explosion and corrosion, detail datas must be provided for further customized design.
3. If there is any change of the data in this chart, we will not provide additional notice. Correct parameters are subject to real equipment.
4. This chart doesn’t include all products. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us. 

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