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Boiling Combustion Furnace

Power of equipment: 35 to 165 kw
Applications: non-caked and weak bonding anthracite and bitomite, lignite, sawdust and coal gangue.
Product introduction: boiling furnace is a short form for fluid bed coal-fired hot air furnace. Coals are crushed into particles which is about 1 to 3 mm. Then the coal can be burnt in the furnace. 

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Technical introduction

Fluid bed hot air furnace (boiling furnace):Coals are crushed into particles which is about 1 to 3 mm. Then the coal can be burnt in the furnace. Coals are sent to furnace combustion chamber uniformly by coal feeder. Then coals are injected into furnace body by high-pressure air produced by blower and orifices distributed on air distributor. Air cushion produced by air scattered from various directions hold coal particles and furnace materials are burnt in fluidized state. Coal particles and coal slags turn repeatedly under high temperature and mutual friction is formed between materials. Then, materials collide and are decomposed until they are burnt off. This kind of combustion method is characterized by large contact area, high relative speed, long staying time, fast combustion speed and high burn-off rate. Therefore, the aims of saving energy and protecting environment are realized. This product has been widely applied to industrial kilns and boilers for many years.
This kind of boiler can be used for rotary dryer, vertical dryer, hammer type dryer, indirect dryer, small slag powder production line, air swept coal mill, coal powder mill and fertilizer pelleting production line. It has been widely applied to drying and calcination for industrial raw materials and relevant products, such as: Slag, clay, coal, carbide slag, compound fertilizer, industrial gypsum board, iron powder, sulfur concentrate, late rite, side rite, zinc leaching residue etc. 


Product performance:
1. Wide adaptability: it can use various coals such as bituminte, anthracite, lignite, sawdust and coal gangue.
2. The temperature of furnace is about 1000 degree centigrade; the temperature of furnace outlet is about 850 degree centigrade; running temperature is very uniform; heat support is very stable;
3. High combustion efficiency; the burn-off rate of coal powder can reach about 98%; thermal efficiency can reach over 95%; the carbon content of ash is lower than 2%; it is not easy to produce cokes; good activation;
4. Easy to ignite; the time used for banking fire is long; discontinuous banking-fire time can reach to 16 to 48 hours. Start after banking-fire, there is no need for re ignition.
5. The temperature of flue gas outlet can be adjusted; the outlet for heat support is convenient and flexible.
6. Clean combustion; low NOX content in flue gas; can realize desulfuration in furnace which can make sulfur enter furnace slag in solid state;
7. The system can realize PLC automatic control methods; low labor intensity;
8. Long service span for furnace body; less wear parts; less maintenance cost; 

Working principle

Instructions for users:
When you plan to purchase our product, please provide us the analyzed relevant datas of your raw coals such as thermal value, volatile matters, moisture, carbon content, ash content, coal consumption, coal kinds and (anthracite and bitumite). If you buy our product, where do you want to use it for and which equipment it will match with? What requests do you have (outlet temperature. How do you want to realize the automation level? All information you provide are for our convenience to precisely choose equipment for you and meet your requirements. 
Efficient and energy-saving boiling combustion furnace

Technical parameters

Product specifications:
Model of equipment FTL300 FTL500 FTL700 FTL1000 FTL1500 FTL2000 FTL3000
Load-carrying capacity
300~400 500~700 700~900 1000~1200 1500~1800 2000~2500 3000~3500
Inlet temperature
300~800 500~1100
Equipment power
35.0 50.0 68.5 78.0 92.0 125.0 165.5

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