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              Belt Feeder

                • 【Power】: 


                • 【Input capacity】: 


                • 【Product introduction】driven by friction, belt conveyer is a kind of machine which will transport materials in a constant way. It is mainly composed of body frame, conveying belt, belt roller, tightener and transmission device. Machine body adopts superior materials. The height difference of front and rear landing legs forms a machineframe. Flat surface presents a certain slope.
                • 【Application range】it is widely applied to mine, metallurgy and coal industries in order to transport loose materials and packed products. According to the process requests, users can adopt single transport.

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              Technical introduction

              Belt feeder is a kind of widely applied equipment which holds mature production technology. It holds features which belong to constant feeder. It gets rapidly developed in this years. Its main advantages are following:


              1. Simple structure, light weight;
              2. Flexible arrangement of conveying path;
              3. Fastconveying speed; long conveying distance; large conveying capacity; low energy consumption;
              4. Can convey constantly; stable work; no damage caused to conveyed materials; simple operation; safe and reliable; easy maintenance; low cost of maintenance and management;
              5. Suitable for bulk sludge which is sticky and caking.

              Working principle

              It is mainly composed of two end rollers and closed conveyor. Drun which drives the rotation of conveying belt is called drive drum (transmission drum). The other drum which is mainly used to change moving direction of conveying belt is called turnabout drun. Drive drum is driven by electricity motor through reducer. Conveying belt is dragged by the friction between drive drum and conveying belt. Generally, drive drum is installed at the discharger end in order to increase tractive effort which will benefit dragging. Materials are fed from feeding end and land on the conveying belt. Then, materials are sent to discharger end relying on the friction of conveying belt. 

              Technical parameters

              Width of belt
              Conveying length
              conveying amount
              500 ≤12/3 12-20/3-5.5 20-30/5.5-7.5 40-80
              650 ≤12/4 12-20/4-5.5 20-30/5.5-11 80-120
              800 ≤10/4 10-15/4-5.5 15-30/5.5-15 120-200
              1000 ≤10/5.5 10-20/5.5-11 20-40/11-22 200-320
              1200 ≤10/7.5 10-20/7.7-15 20-40/15-30 290-480
              1400 ≤10/11 10-20/11-22 20-40/22-45 400-680
              Note: technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice. 

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