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                          Dyeing Sludge Drying Project in Bahrain

                        This project is located in Bahrain for Westpoint Home which specializes in production of textile and fabrication goods. During production, there will be lots of sludge produced and the sludge holds high moisture content. After primary dewatering, moisture is about 80% to 85%. In order to comply to governmental regulation on sludge disposal, further drying process is still needed.

                        【Raw material:】:textile dyeing sludge
                        【Input capacity】:1.25t/h
                        【Equipment configuration】:sludge push floor silo, gas combustion system, air swept sludge dryer and exhaust gas disposal device.
                        Bahrain Westpoint Home Textile Dyeing Sludge Drying Project   
                        Whole system consists of push floor silo, natural gas combustion system, air swept dryer, cyclone collector, scrubbing tower and electrical control system. Electrical control system adopts PLC which reach customer's demands for automation and intelligence. Since installed in the the year of 2017, whole system works continuously stable. Customers purchased sets of quick wear parts for daily maintenance for the system.
                        textile dyeing sludge drying

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